"It is the responsibility of the manufacturer’s representative to function as an extension of the companies represented, not as a self-serving entity."

With 100+ years of combined experience servicing client and retailer relationships with Amazon, our staff is beyond knowledgeable. We've been there since the beginning.

Amazon Seller Central vs Amazon Vendor Central, MAP and Dealer Agreements, Keyword Analysis and Listing Quality, Consumer Feedback Monitoring

Amazon Media Group, Amazon A+ Content, Lightning Deals, Amazon Stores, Amazon Pages, Email Marketing

Integrated Warehouse Services, Fulfillment Service, Stocking/Shipping/Returns


OLIVER MARKETING managed $30 million in total sales on Amazon.com in 2015.

No, that's not a typo. Our team facilitated $30 million in gross sales with the online behemoth in 2015. Not bad, considering our innaugural year in 1998 generated $100k in sale. How did we do it?

More importantly, how can we do that for you?
      We will help plot your best sales strategy (seller vs vendor).
      We will help analyze your sales reports, enhance your keyword success, and monitor your listing quality.
      We can offer logistical assistance through our Amazon-approved fulfillment warehouse.
      We will cut through the red tape to supply you top-level marketing services such as A+ Content, Lightning Deals, Amazon Store, etc. whenever possible.

Call or email us today and we'll send you more information about our services, including real-life samples to show we're not just telling tall tales.

Other Channels


From smaller shops to large franchises, we have a specialized team focused on servicing the mobile electronics category.


Smarter and more efficient technologies have helped us push this category to whole new levels of excellence.


An exploding category with opportunities for both vendors and retailers — proper planning is key.


Merchandising and carefully introduced product placement into larger retailers across the country.


Strategically planned and executed sales strategies for online markets, emphasizing targeted marketing.