"It is the responsibility of the manufacturer’s representative to function as an extension of the companies represented, not as a self-serving entity."

Retail Centers

The American mega-retailer is quickly evolving to accommodate changing desires of its buying public, focusing more on entertainment and experience than hard-hitting sales tactics. With this change in philosophy, it has become more important than ever to strategize the appropriate product insertion at various retailers.

Retail Purchase Experience

Effectively placing and merchandising a product within the retail environment is crucial for success. Simply getting a product on the shelf is not enough. Product packaging, pricing, retail display, and accessory inclusion are all critical components of a successful retail purchase experience.

The US retail sector accounts for largest percentage of sales and employment year over year.

Channel: National Chains

Select Manufacturers Include:
Directed Electronics, Scosche, Plantronics, Magellan, Bracketron, Curtis International (Igloo, Proscan, Sylvania, RCA)

Select Retailers:
Microsoft, Bartell Drugs, Frys Electronics, BiMart, CarToys, Costco, Fred Meyer, Video Only, T-Mobile, Wireless Advocates


With over 3½ million retail establishments in the United States combining to make an annual GDP of $2.5 trillion, it's easy to understand why any manufacturer would want a slice of that pie. At the same time, it's just as important to nourish our relationships with retailers to find the right products to stock their shelves.

Finding success by placing and selling products in national chains is something we are uniquely qualified to accomplish because it requires so many different angles and characteristics within a representative firm:
      You have to know the Gatekeepers and Buyers. We do.
      You have to understand their business as well as the client's. We do.
      You have to supply an easy sell-through option via fulfillment distributors. We do.
      You have to speak their language. Si, habla Sales.

Retails and manufactures select OLIVER MARKETING as a qualified choice, not simply by default.

Other Channels


From smaller shops to large franchises, we have a specialized team focused on servicing the mobile electronics category.


Smarter and more efficient technologies have helped us push this category to whole new levels of excellence.


An exploding category with opportunities for both vendors and retailers — proper planning is key.


Strategically planned and executed sales strategies for online markets, emphasizing targeted marketing.


Let us help you grow your business to incredible heights online with the #1 shopping destination for consumers.