"It is the responsibility of the manufacturer’s representative to function as an extension of the companies represented, not as a self-serving entity."

E-Commerce Sales

By 2017, 60% of all US retail sales will involve the internet in some way, either as a direct e-commerce transaction or as part of a shopper's research on a laptop or mobile device. Approximately 10.3% of total retail sales in the U.S. in five years will be online purchases, or $370 billion in web sales.

The Mobile Experience

This year, it is projected that 18% of online retail sales will take place via mobile devices — that's over $53 billion! Online sales in general stimulate incremental purchases that stem from impulse buying, but smartphones and tablets promote even more sales by extending the shopping day and untethering consumers from the desktop.

Is your website or marketing experience mobile-friendly?

Marketing to Online Shoppers

Driving sales within e-commerce requires a different marketing approach and set of priorities. OLIVER MARKETING helps by making strategic suggestions regarding discounts/coupons, email marketing topics, social media engagement, and possible website enhancements.

We are familiar with the landscape and can help guide you along the way.

Online sales in the US have nearly doubled in the last 4 years and are projected to near $500 billion by 2018.

Channel: E-Commerce

Select Manufacturers Include:
Directed Electronics, Scosche, Plantronics, Magellan, MW Products, Winegard

Select Retailers:
Amazon.com, Costco.com, Onecall.com, Cartoys.com


Online sales is no longer a "if I build it, they will come" environment. If anything, the behaviors and expectations of online shoppers have outpaced those of even the craziest Black Friday warrior. At Oliver Marketing, we carefully plan an online strategy for each and every brand, working hard to insure that products are strategically placed within an ecommerce platform and supported by rich content and targeted marketing whenever possible.

Looking ahead, our team at OLIVER MARKETING projects an increased percentage of online sales coming from mobile devices, specifically retailer and vendor-created apps. To that end, we are exploring new marketing opportunities unique to app programming and push notifications.

Other Channels


From smaller shops to large franchises, we have a specialized team focused on servicing the car audio category.


Smarter and more efficient technologies have helped us push this category to whole new levels of excellence.


An exploding category with opportunities for both vendors and retailers — proper planning is key.


Merchandising and carefully introduced product placement into larger retailers across the country.


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