"It is the responsibility of the manufacturer’s representative to function as an extension of the companies represented, not as a self-serving entity."

Fitness and Energy

With economic downturn of the last decade, many fitness centers lowered membership costs which had the side effect of more disposal income being spent on energy and exercise boosters.

Future projections for increased disposable income combined with government initiatives to fight obesity and age-related ailments will cause an boom in the category.

Healthy Nutrients

Everyone has different health goals and needs. Thanks to advances in technology and the abundance of information online, never has a population of consumers been more aware of their options.

As demand from health-conscious consumers grows, Health & Fitness thrives.

Channel: Health & Fitness

Select Manufacturers Include:
HIT Supplements, GAT, ZipFizz, DoVitamins, Citadel Nurtrition, 360CUT, Legion Athletics

Select Retailers:
BodyBuilding.com, Whole Foods, PCC Markets, Super Supplements, Amazon.com, Costco, Costco.com, REI


A relatively new channel for OLIVER MARKETING, Health & Fitness presents potentially the largest growth opportunity when one considers the current social demographic — an aging, health-conscious population looking to take advantage of scientific advancements in dietary supplements, energy products, and sources of improved nutrition.

Other Channels


From smaller shops to large franchises, we have a specialized team focused on servicing the mobile electronics category.


Smarter and more efficient technologies have helped us push this category to whole new levels of excellence.


Merchandising and carefully introduced product placement into larger retailers across the country.


Strategically planned and executed sales strategies for online markets, emphasizing targeted marketing.


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