"It is the responsibility of the manufacturer’s representative to function as an extension of the companies represented, not as a self-serving entity."

Home Theater

In many ways, the in-home experience possible with today's impressive audio and video components has left the typical movie theater experience in the dust. Consumers are finding more and more that a more enjoyable entertainment experience can be had at home. Better yet, costs of manufacturing and technology continue to fall, making the promise of a state-of-the-art home cinema even more attainable for even modest homeowners.

Smart Home Automation

Covering everything from security to lighting control, energy management to multiroom audio, smart home integration is the foundation for the Custom Home AV channel. It also sees the fastest evolution of products as new technologies quickly overcome outdated predecessors.

At OLIVER MARKETING, we are forever looking to the future in anticipation of the next technology shift, helping to prepare our partners for sustained success.

Commercial AV

The explosion of audio and video integration into commercial settings is due, in large part, to the decrease in new house construction over the past decade. Many integrators happily discovered that commercial businesses like taverns, restaurants, and shopping malls were in need of modernization. Other applications for schools, sporting venues, churches, and large corporations quickly grew, and today's Commercial AV is a thriving category for many integrators.

Covered subcategories include: audio, video, control, security, automation, networking, energy management and more.

Channel: Custom Home AV

Select Manufacturers Include:
Sony, Sonos, Dana Innovations, Atlona, Salamander Designs, Dynaudio, Elite Prime Vision, Acurus, Aragon

When the housing bubble burst a few years back, everyone (us included) held our breath for a while as the dust settled. But we didn't wait long before putting new plans into effect. The need for retrofits has created whole new categories that are becoming more and more popular (and profitable) every day — home networking, wireless control systems, energy management, and more. With concerted efforts to educate installers on these new categories while supplying them with proper marketing tools, we witnessed a growth in our dealers' businesses that has continued year after year.

Similar to the 12 Volt Channel, Custom Home AV as a category comes with the added benefit of distribution support through our sister-company Custom Plus Distributing. Dealers and retailers benefit because they're able to "cherry pick" products without the pressure of meeting volume requirements, while manufacturers benefit through both increased channel exposure and fulfillment options for online sales.

Other Channels


From smaller shops to large franchises, we have a specialized team focused on servicing the mobile electronics category.


An exploding category with opportunities for both vendors and retailers — proper planning is key.


Merchandising and carefully introduced product placement into larger retailers across the country.


Strategically planned and executed sales strategies for online markets, emphasizing targeted marketing.


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